Flow Productions

Saturday 12th of November 5.30 p.m., Frityren, Arctic Cultural Centre

Photo: Pekka Mäkinen

About the performance

“The piece is an interdisciplinary symphony of creation which breaks entirely new ground for performing arts.”
Newspaper Kaleva, Petri Kauppinen, March 17, 2013

The quiet rustling of paper is Susurro’s Big Bang; paper constitutes its universe, forever expanding and accelerating.

The material has shaped the piece in a very particular way. One of the starting points for Susurro was to create the entire sound design for the piece using the nuances inherent in an organic material, in this instance, paper. Instead of using digitally manipulated or otherwise processed sound, the sound of Susurro is created entirely by a costume designed and constructed out of paper by Pirjo Valinen, as well as other elements on stage.

Paper is also what sets the foundation for the visuals of Susurro and the expression for dancer Pirjo Yli-Maunula. Paper is elemental to Susurro, it creates Susurro’s natural phenomena, its laws of physics, its very fabric of being. This is why in Susurro it is impossible to differentiate between costume and instrument, composition and choreography, or musician and dancer.

Susurro is a creation myth. It is a ritual. It is complete: all there is, is right there in front of you.

Duration: 30 min


Choreography & arrangements & visual design: Susurro team
Costume designer: Pirjo Valinen
Dancer, musician: Pirjo Yli-Maunula
Lighting designer: Jukka Huitila
Composer: Aake Otsala

Production: Flow Productions
Graphic design: Tomi Hurskainen
Poster and flyer photos: Jussi Tuokkola
Stage photos: Pekka Mäkine
Texts: JP Manninen
Costume maker: Pirjo Valinen & Marika Heikkinen
Make up design: Virpi Väsänen
Supported by: Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland

About Flow productions

Flow Productions is a dynamic dance production company based in Oulu, Northern Finland. The company produces works of two internationally recognised dance artists, Maria Littow and artist professor Pirjo Yli-Maunula. The company’s broad repertoire consists of work that is invariably visually refined, extending from stage work to site specific performance concepts and multidisciplinary productions.  Ms. Littow and Ms. Yli-Maunula are active collaborators internationally and their current network of artists and performers extends from the Nordic countries to France and Canada. In year 2016 Flow is supported by Oulu city, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Finnish-Swedish cultural fund and Kone Foundation.