The Knitting Project

The whole festival week in the Knitting Corner in the Foyer of the Arctic Culture Centre

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We are inspired by the gigantic knitted costumes worn by the dancers in the Carte Blanche performance Soufflette. Read about the performance here.

The Barents region has a very strong tradition of knitting, and in Hammerfest there are several active local knitting groups, who meet to knit in cafes, in the library, and in their own homes. Don´t be surprised to see someone knitting on the bus, on the boat or right next to you on the plane?

Therefore we take the initiative at this years festival to invite all of our artists, public and visitors to join in with our Barents Blanket Knitting project. You can either contribute by bringing a knitted square with you, or you can knit one in our knitting corner while you are here visiting the festival. If you don´t know how to knit, don´t despair, we have many local knitting enthusiasts helping us with this project, and there will be someone there who can help you and teach you how to knit.

Use your imagination, and be inspired by the colours of the arctic, and knit whatever you fancy. We would need the square to be approximately 20 x 20 cms, we will then knit all these squares together to form a blanket that will grow during the festival week, and beyond. Let´s see how big a blanket we can create together!