<i>HAMMERFEST</i><i>4-8 (+10) nov. 2020</i>
<i>HAMMERFEST</i><i>4-8 (+10) nov. 2020</i>

HAMMERFEST4-8 (+10) nov. 2020


This year we focus on the near, the far and the strength of our unity within the Barents region.

DanseFestival Barents was established as a gathering place for the artists in the region and to create a performance space for the art that is created here in the north, across national borders, language and culture. The festival aims to stimulate for important conversations around various current topics, to make us reflect back as well as stake out the course ahead.

The isolation and uncertainty that many still feel characterises the field of performing arts. It has been challenging programming this year's festival in this ever changing climate. As we move forward, we believe that the need for interaction is stronger which means that the festival's role is more meaningful now than ever!

For us, it is important that DanseFestival Barents will continue to be a living meeting place for dance and at the same time be a safe experience. Due to COVID-19, we have chosen to focus on a more local festival, in collaboration with the creative artistic forces in the region.

Thank you to all our colleagues, partners and helpers for all the hard work and patience in this demanding time. We are proud of this year's artists and look forward to Hammerfest continuing to be a living meeting place for dance at 70 ° North!

Welcome to DanseFestival Barents 2020!

The main focus of the programme is 4-8 November, but we also have events before and after these dates.


The program is published subject to change. All events will take into account current restrictions and current recommendations regarding infection control. More information and programme content will be posted continuously during the autumn.


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