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PUSTEkurs (Breathing course)

with Anette Aarsland

Sunday 13 November 11 a.m. - 1 p.m, Galleri Fileen at Arctic Culture Centre

Do YOU ​​want to learn to breathe of the most prolific breathing specialist?
There is currently much media focus on what prolonged stress makes us both physically and mentally. More and more young people experience stress-related problems or facing wall. Put simply, this is because we are constantly walking around with an over-active sympathetic nervous system. This means that we are constantly in fight / flight mode and that we constantly pump out stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. All energy goes to the arms and legs, while away from our immune system.
New and serious research shows that only 2 minutes with simple stress management exercises can activate the parasympathetic nervous system and cause us to unwind!
Anette Aarsland works daily with breathing techniques to achieve just that!

I have a burning desire that everyone, young and old, men and women, boys and girls will understand what incredible tools breath is whether we know how to use it!

WHAT: Introduction to proper breathing technique.
An alarming percentage of the population breathes only superficially by raising and lowering your chest, or in the worst case, only by moving collarbone! Why does this happen when all infants breathe properly? We breathe while too large amounts of air that makes us do not get enough oxygen to the brain and muscles. This in turn leads to poor concentration, restless / poor sleep, inner restlessness and muscle tension, to name a few.

With simple and not time consuming exercises you will again be able to experience to think clearly, sleep well and be more present in your own life!

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WHO is the instructor?
Anette Aarsland is a professionally trained singing teacher and opera singer. Having experienced a personal trauma she lost voice, which subsequently proved to be due to that she stopped breathing optimally. After studying various breathing techniques in London and Milan came the voice back stronger than ever. In addition, she experienced a new tranquility and got seriously aware of the breath huge role for our well-being. In addition to working as a singer, she has 8 years experience as an environmental therapist in psychiatry. In January 2011, she started up the firm Pusteteknikk.no, today Pusteteknikk AS, where she works full-time as breathing and voice coach. She gives lectures across the country, is the author, manage breathing choirs in several Norwegian cities and welcomes private clients on Consensio treatment center at Aker Brygge. Anette is Norway's most prolific breathing specialist and in March 2014 released the book "BREATH - How breathe safe, healthy and relaxed" with journalist Nina Hanssen.

WHO is the course?
Everyone who lives in today's society will enjoy learning proper breathing technique:
Proper breathing technique can be used to improve all stress-related conditions, including unwanted muscle tension, headaches, migraines, high blood pressure, chronic pain, indigestion, anxiety, inner turmoil, light to moderate depression, difficulty concentrating, poor memory, poor sleep ETC. Athletes will be able to improve their performance by learning proper breathing techniques. In the book BREATH we read that Kjersti Ihle rode Birken one hour sooner after taking consultations with Anette. In addition, proper breathing techniques make your voice carries better, that you are safer in yourself, the more "mind full" and perform better in a presentation situation.

The course is a must for ALL who will hold lectures, presentations or lectures!

Anette gives special offers to businesses.
For course information and registration, please contact Anette for: aaa@pusteteknikk.no or mobile +47 92868266