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Transporteringsdans (The transport dance)

Martin Slaatto

Friday 11 November 3.30 p.m. Starts at Hammerfest Library

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Photo: Maren Bjørgum

About Transporteringsdans

Martin Slaatto is dancer and actor who studied in London and Oslo. He has experience as a performing artist in many respects from 1973 and often prefer outdoors venues. His projects are often located on the line between dance, theatre, performance and installation.

TD stands for Transportation Dance - Transportation in the true common sense: moving from one place to another (although the other place could be the same as the first). With dance meant neither waltz or ballet, and it requires neither etiquette or partner and dance shoes.
TD is an unsystematic system of different ways of moving, positions and states of mind that are grouped into 20 elements. Each factor or headline, contains enough material to do a little dance. These 20 dances are on their respective cards in TD-deck - 20 cards for free expression: TD-card deck.

TD-deck can be used as a reminder to maintain a diverse use of the body. Meanwhile, it offers the possibility to contemplate life from a slightly different angle and celebrates movement lust. - Pull a card, and you're away!

Transporteringsdans starts at Hammerfest Library and ends in a stage and film showing at Arctic Culture Centre.
Duration ca. 1,5 t.

Musician: Øyvind B. Lyse
Film: Line Lyngstadaas and Michel Pavlou


Illustration: Hege Vadstein / Photo: Line Lyngstaas