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Our Arms Grew Together

Marta & Kim

Saturday 13 November 21:00, Frityren, Arktisk kultursenter

Our Arms Grew Together is s a live self-portrait of the love relationship between the couple Marta & Kim. In a world that celebrates independence, they choose deliberately for interdependency. 

Marta & Kim are in search of physical metaphors for their relationship. This unfolds in an intimate, honest, almost documentary universe of what normally stays behind closed doors: the sensuality and vulnerability of becoming one body with two people. At the same time, it shows the discomfort of it: literally not being able to walk away from each other and letting go of control and personal agenda. 

If ‘trusting you with my life’ is not only a metaphor, but a physical reality, then everything that is at stake becomes tangible. Do we dare to lose ourselves in a joint identity and depend on each other? 

The performance is appropriate for audience from 14+

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Concept, choreography and performers Kim-Jomi Fischer, Marta Alstadsæter Music Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) Dramaturgy Marc Maris Choreography assistant Heleen van Gigch Light design, video and technique Loes Schakenbos CReative Producer Annejon Okhuijsen PR photo and trailere Paul Sixta Co-producer Dansateliers, Festival Circolo Supported by Gemeente Rotterdam, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Fonds 21, Dioraphte

About Marta and Kim

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Kim and Marta met in 2015. Their different backgrounds in contemporary dance and circus sparked a blooming collaboration. During the last year they have been creating their own movement vocabulary, diving into the possibilities and qualities they find within this symbiosis, exploring their identity across languages. This has naturally led them into creating work together, creating a space where they can go beyond the frames of their disciplines and dive into the physical communication in between them. ENGEL has won the «BNG Bank Dance Award» in The Netherlands, and has been elected for Scenekunstbruket – The Norwegian Network for Performing Arts repertoaire as well as Aerowaves twenty19. www.martaandkim.com

Marta Alstadsæter (Hammerfest, Norway 1990) comes from a family of visual artists. She was set out to be a writer, but communication with horses inspired a more physical language research. As research often goes, she took an unexpected path that led to the Netherlands. After specialising in hand to hand acrobatics, she got her Bachelor of Circus Arts from Codarts university in Rotterdam in 2016. Next to her own work she works as a freelance artist, with Erik Kaiel/Arch8, Cie Woest, and is part of Collective Penguin Productions.

Kim-Jomi Fischer (Utrecht, Netherlands 1985) was born into a family of street performers and got introduced to partnering acrobatics from an early age. Kim could better relate to the ideas in dance and graduated from Codarts, Rotterdam's dance academy, in 2007. Since then, he has worked as a freelance dancer in the Netherlands for choreographers like Ann vd Broek, André Gingras, Liat Waysbort, Loïc Perela, and Suzy Blok. In 2011, he was working for DV8 Physical Theatre in the production 'Can we talk about this?'. Today, Kim is back in the Netherlands. Here, he mostly works with Pia Meuthen, Ivan Perez and Erik Kaiel, whom he has collaborated with since 2004. Kim's own work involves a lot of contact improvisation, hand to hand acrobatics, location work, and a physical blend of different dance styles.