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Tynn hud

Ærlig Talt Produksjoner

Friday November 20:00, Frityren, Arktisk kultursenter

Tynn hud  (Thin skin) is based on the skin's qualities and properties to feel and absorb, both in its own skin and in encounters with others.

The project is presented through the relationship between three practitioners in the meeting with, and through exploration of different materials such as robust floor coverings and thin textiles.

Question we have been working on is what can the skin tolerate? What are the boundaries of the skin? How much is stored in the skin layers? What does the skin communicate when you always face the world and situations through different layers of skin? What about experiences, do they bounce off or does the skin thicken through experience?

We have worked with the theme of identity, external influences and what it means to say which "packaging" you wrap yourself in.

Tynn Hud has had a preliminary project with screenings during the God Nok festival and Dance / 5. In the spring of 2021, the artists had a residence at Dansearena nord in Hammerfest, and will now be shown as a full-fledged performance!

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Dance artists Ellinor Staurbakk, Thea Melby Mucisian Marius Mannes Photo Joshua Jacob

Ellinor Staurbakk graduated from the Institute of Arts Barcelona with a bachelor's degree in dance, and a master's degree from the London Contemporary Dance School.

Thea Melby
is a graduate of the University of Stavanger with a bachelor's degree in performing dance.

Marius Mannes was educated at Kunsthumaniora, Antwerp, where he was taught by Ann Van Hecke.

Supported by Forum for Northern Norwegian dance artists, Nordland County Municipality, Dansearena nord, Trafo.