PRODA - Professional Dance Training

Friday 09.00-10.30 Contemporary Sudesh Adhana
Saturday 09.00-10.30 Preventing injury, Håkon Navestad
Sunday 09.00-10.30 Ballet, Toini Kristensen

Forum for nordnorske Dansekunstnere is arranging for a trippel PRODA during DFB to give you the opportunity for different inputs all of the days. PRODA will be at the Arctic Culture Centre

 More about the classes:

 Sudesh Adhana talks about his class:
Through the sense of the folk inspired movements I normally break down the decorative parts and reconstruct a personal approach with the body,Through the simple movements body gets to filter through many stages of imposed identity to become its own self, I look at folk dance forms not the become one or imitate them but as a restarting point of movement practise, breaking them down to the most basic of the movements and remixing them with practitioner’s personal inputs we arrive to a new place within ourselves. Over the years I have learned chhau dance, the traditional warrior dance style from Northern India, Kathakali the classical dance of South Indian, release technique, contact improvisation, Gaga and improvisations, at KHiO, Oslo When I am working in the studios on my own project I see the information through these different forms with in my movement vocabulary, so lately rather than avoiding and separating I let all this move through with in me at times it becomes complex and at times it becomes simple and clear, with a playful approach that´s what I would  like to share rather than being struck I one form.  

Håkon Navestad about his class:
Anatomisk bevissthet i danseteknisk arbeid, grunnleggende spesifikke øvelser for å bygge opp styrke og fleksibilitet, grunnleggende kunnskap om skadeforebygging.Håkon er utdannet danser og ballettpedagog fra Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, avd Balletthøgskolen, og Skolen for Samtidsdans, og har utdanning som fysioterapaut fra HiO.  Han har spisskompetanse på skadeforebyggende trening, stabiliseringstrening, øvelser for økt kroppsbevissthet og presisjon, koordinasjonstrening, balansetrening og bevegelighetstrening.Anatomical awareness in dance technique, basic specific exercises to build strength and flexibility, basic knowledge of injury prevention.Håkon is an educated dancer and ballet teacher from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo and the School of Contemporary Dance, and has a degree as a physiotherapist from HiO. He has expertise in preventive training, stabilisation training, exercises for increased body awareness and precision, coordination training, balance training and mobility training. 

 Toini about her class:
I am an educated ballet teacher, but has practiced as a dancer and choreographer in modern dance / contemporary dance. For 27 years I have taught dance, ballet and choreography at all levels from toddlers to the elite students at Ballet Education at KHiO and for PRODA.I am interested in ballet technique's potential as "training tool" for all types of dancers and dance teachers. I want to give a class where ballet technology forms the foundation for warming and exploring the entire body's motion potential. Anchored in the classic ballet technique's framework and movement pattern, different dance combinations will allow the dancers to experience a combination of control, functionality and freedom of movement. The ballet class is primarily a functional and great way to train the dance body, not a study of traditional dance style history.