Born Old


Wednesday 7 Nov 10.00 & 13.00 hr
Thursday 8 Nov 10.00, 13.00 & 16.30 hr
(16.30 is an open family performance. Se info below.)
Friday 9 Nov 10.00 hr
Mylingen Barnehage

IMPORTANT! The performance Thursday 8 November 16.30 hr is a family performance, suited for children 4-10 years. The performance is free, but we have limited spaces, so please book a space at Mylingen Kindergarten by contacting Magnus Krokli at

A new Norwegian premiere! This dancing fairytale, with a technological twist re-imagines the stories of the shamanic musician Väinämoinen in Hammerfest

"Born Old" is a piece created especially for young children. This Norwegian language premiere is being presented for children aged 4-6 years. The piece is based on some of the ancient stories from the Finnish poem Kalevala and uses narrative, dance, projection and beautiful Finnish songs to tell the adventures of Väinämöinen, who has travelled North, bringing an environmental message. "Born Old" uses interactive projection as an integral part of the performance and at the end, the children are invited to come out onto the floor to try the technology for themselves. This is a new version of the show with the addition of a Norwegian narrator.

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Why not combine it with a walk?
Please note, that on Thursday the 8th November you can take a walk to Fuglenes (Approximately 30 minutes from the town centre along the sea-front) and see Born Old at 10am, and walk a few minutes to nearby Fuglenes Skole to see Veggen at 11am, or alternatively see Veggen at 12 noon and stroll a few minutes down to Mylingen Barnehage to see Born Old at 13hr. While you are at Fuglenes, why not also take a look at the famous monument Struves Meridianbue. Link to the monument here:

Alternatively, you can catch a local bus, which takes 10 minutes from town to Fuglenes. Bus 130 and 132 run from the town centre to Fuglenes. Link to bus routes here:ærien-Rypefjord).pdf

Language Norwegian, with Finnish song
Duration 35 min

Choreography Tanja Råman Digital design and live sound/video John Collingswood Dance and song Marjo Kiukaanniemi Norwegian narrator Gro Skanke Raattamaa Translation Siri Wigdel Photos John Collingswood

"Born Old" is co-produced by TaikaBox and JoJo - Oulu Dance Centre. Early research and production was supported by AVEK - The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture, Taike - Arts Promotion Centre Finland, OAMK - Oulu University of Applied Sciences and Culture House Valve. The performances during DanseFestival Barents is supported by Norwegian Film Institute and the Cultural Rucksack, with Mylingen Barnehage as our host.

TaikaBox is based in Oulu, Finland and was founded in Wales in 2010 by choreographer/dancer Tanja Råman and digital artist/designer John Collingswood. The company’s name is taken from the Finnish word: ‘Taika’ which means ‘magical’ or ‘enchanted’. Their work is an amalgamation of dance and technology, using digital media to enhance choreographic expression and engage with audiences. Tanja and John’s long-term collaboration has resulted in the creation of a variety of works including performances for stage, site-responsive dance, films, installations, broadcasts and art works that have toured internationally.

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