Digging into my magnificent trashbin, I`m searching for my life

Haugen Produksjoner

Friday 8 November 20:00 - Frityren, Arktisk kultursenter

Some people are scared of spiders… others are afraid of human connection. We drag out our shining trashbins in hope of salvation.

We need each other to understand and experience ourselves in the world. Five unique dance artists have digger into their own stories to understand more of who they are today. Haugen Produksjoner takes the audience on a walking journey – out of the theatre and into reality, a reality that can also be poetic and filled with movement.

Every human-being is like a living history book, a bearer of unique stories that help shape us as humans. These stories can challenge fiction and our imagination. Each performer's unique voice, story, background is a stepping stone to creating new, time relevant stories in the form of a performance where there is room for humor, sadness, seriousness.

Duration information coming (no interval)
Please note that this performance contains nudity

Idea, concept and dance artist Anne Katrine Haugen Dance artists Gerd Kaisa Vorren, Jenny Maria Svensson, Alexander Aarø, Jordi Cortes Molina Installation artist Lawrence Malstaf Composer Erik Stifjell Dramaturgy advisor Jon Tombre, Kristina Junttila Producer/advisor Liv Hanne Haugen Supported by Tromsø kommune, Fond for utøvende kunstnere, Fond for lyd og bilde, Arts Council Norway, Tromsø kulturskole, Dansearena nord

The performance premiered at the Arctic Arts Festival June 23, 2018.

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Photo: Jamie Michael Bivard and Lise Mathiesen

Anne Katrine Haugen forteller:

We live in a time of great dramatic shifts and fluctuations in the world; Terror, refugee crisis, environmental threats. The world and society need us to care and take responsibility. At the same time, there is a huge focus on the individual, self-realisation and exposure, making your story something you can blog about and make money from. How to manoeuvre in a complex landscape and in the tension field between one I and one we?We need each other to understand and experience ourselves in the world, share face to face and not just on Facebook. The way this will be done is by zooming in on the individual, on inter-human meetings with themes such as; How has my story shaped me to who I am today, who am I without my story, what do I wish for my future? In this way, our personal narratives can mirror the universal and those who take place in the world, and thus say something about the complexity of being human today.
Review Harstad Tidene Knut Godø:

"The performance is great, almost formidable, and has a lot to heart."

“Good performance art should tear down and twist the audience’s perceptions. I certainly think that this performance is capable of doing that. And then, when the applause has ended, the world is slightly changed.”

"… It's all about the whole thing, the whole misery, the whole life process. In short the sum of the way we dealt with the great experiences, the tremors, the life experiences and the way we build, understand and balance life. Strong stories with significant relevance to every human. Especially what we hide because it was too heavy, uncomfortable or difficult; all the weird shit at the bottom of the bin of a life lived.

Anne Katrine Haugen (born in Hammerfest, Norway) is a dance artist, choreographer and producer based in Tromsø, Norway. Anne Katrine has her education from London Studio Center (1987-89) and London Contemporary Dance School (1989-91). She worked with the dutch choreographer Angelika Oei in all her productions and dancefilms from 1991-98 which were performed and toured in Europa, Canada and USA. She then worked with Stellaris DansTeater 1998-03 in Hammerfest, Norway. She founded the dancecompany Haugen Produksjoner (Haugen Productions) in 2003 with her sister Liv Hanne Haugen and made the performances Søstre (Sisters) (03), Ulv i Skoen, (The wolf in the shoe)(06), Joik (09,) Frø Frø Frø (Seeds)(10), the outdoor performances Mátki, Riddu Riddu (07), Reisen i Engledalen (09), Den Som Ser (The one who sees) (10) og Reisen, Den Som Ser # 2 (11), ForDetteErDetVerdt, (For This It Is Worth) dancepoems (12), HomeMade (13), Tygg! (Chew!) (13) and Søstre 11 år etter (Sisters 11 years later) (14) and Digging into my magnificent trashbin I´m searching for my life (18) She was one of the people founding RadArt in 2004 and she is a member in FNND and NoDa.

Anne Katrine does work for both the stage, black box and site-specific; performances out in the nature, in the home, restaurants. She uses documentarisme, immersive and interactive in her performances and all her performances is Devising Theatre and she is also working cross over genres; text, film, installation and dance.

Haugen Productions was founded in 2003 by sisters Liv Hanne and Anne Katrine Haugen in connection with their first joint performance "Sisters". "Sisters" was shown 180 times, and toured with Riksteatret and The Cultural rucksack. Since then, Anne Katrine and Liv Hanne have initiated their own performances, but always in close collaboration with each other. Both have trained at London Contemporary Dance School among other places, and worked in various dance companies in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Documentaryism and fiction, rioting and abstract dance, as well as strong roots in North Norwegian identity and belonging are some of the key words for Haugen Production's artistic motivation. Inclusive work processes and close collaborations often across genres are important structures that ensure ever-new movements and expressions. A desire to be in a process, along with curiosity and interest in capturing what is moving here and now, is the most important motivation for Haugen Production's work and art. After many years in Europe, both sisters now want to welcome Europe to Tromsø by inviting other international artists into their projects. www.haugenproduksjoner.no

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