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Solo to Myself and to the Other

Flow Productions

Two Attitudes towards Space

Koreografi: Jaana Klevering
Lys design:
Jukka Huitila

A Solo to Myself
Dans: Jaana Klevering
Finnish zither: Eija Kankaanranta
Musikk: Juhani Nuorvalas komposisjon: ”Mustarastas”, og improvisasjon rundt Finnish zither.

My present feels congealed until thoughts, feelings and sensations are forced into the space and into motion. Self-comprehension is the basis for personal space, I think, and I know how the disappearance of a coherent self fades out all borders. The other is my space, I dissolve. The surrounding world flows to me. I wait, and stop. I move crossing the borders, but my aims and wants only become corporal against space, in space. Am I able to give in, to just breath and listen?

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A Solo to the Other
Dans: Pirjo Yli-Maunula
Lyd kunst: Jaap Klevering

Woman’s spaces. Own room, the option to close the door, an empty space that fills up, the condition for creativity. In my room I breath, and often my body feels safe. Sometimes the body is unpredictable, insecure and unfamiliar. Past things, wishes and expectations vibrate in the rooms. The space shapes me, I shape the space.

Foto: Jaani Föhr

Hammerfest kino, fredag 10. oktober, kl. 20.00