PREMIERE: Pust (Breath)

Haugen Produksjoner

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Photo: Lawrence Malstaf

PREMIERE: Sunday 13th of November 5 p.m., Ole Olsenssalen, Arctic Culture Centre

This project is a starting point in a movement we all share, breathing. Through dance, installation art and electronic music and how roles between performer and audience is sliding and shifting, we hope to move from an I to a we, from individual to community. The project seeks to strengthen the self-esteem through community as a starting point. A multitude of unique breath. The project seeks to create a space where the public will own habits and BREATH conscious, and thereby contribute to greater freedom of action, individually and collectively.


Idea: Liv Hanne Haugen
Concept: Lawrence Malstaf and Liv Hanne Haugen
Composer and musician: Per Martinsen
Installation and light: Lawrence Malstaf
Dance and voice: Liv Hanne Haugen
Text: Vibeke Thorp
Producer: Anne Katrine Haugen
Consultant: Margunn Kilde
Production: Haugen Productions

About Haugen Produksjoner

Haugen Productions was founded in 2003 by sisters Liv Hanne and Anne Katrine Haugen in connection with their first joint performance "Sisters”. Since then Anne Katrine and Liv Hanne have initiated their own performances, but always in close collaboration with each other. Both have their dance education from London Contemporary Dance School among other places, and have worked in various dance companies in Belgium and the Netherlands. In 1998 Anne Katrine moved back north again, and in 2009 Liv Hanne followed. Haugen Productions is now run from Tromsø where both sisters live. Lawrence Malstaf has made several stage design and lighting design for Haugen Produksjoner performances, like ‘En Ramme for Nostalgi’, ‘TYGG!’ and ‘Søstre 11 år etter’.

About Liv Hanne Haugen

Educated in London and Amsterdam and with long experience as a dancer and performing arts practitioner from Belgium and Norway. She connects to collaborators from most other art fields. She collaborated closely with the artist Mari Boine and installation artist Lawrence Malstaf, and with the starting point in dance, her expression stretches into vocals, performance and text. She was a founding artist collective 'Bains :: Connective' in Brussels and RadArt; Tromsø Nettverk for Fri Scenekunst. She received a 2-year work grant in 2012 and was festival artist during DanseFestival Barents 2013. In 2010 she studied literature in Tromsø. Liv Hanne teaches weekly classes in improvisation at the 'Peripheral Centre', and at art workshops and studios owned and operated by L Malstaf and LH Haugen. In 2014 her first album with the band ‘LIV ut; kemedu’ was released.

About Lawrence Malstaf

The work of Lawrence Malstaf (°1972 Belgium) can be situated on the borderline between the visual and the theatrical. He develops installation and performance art with a strong focus on movement, coincidence, order and chaos and a series of sensorial rooms for individual visitors. He also creates larger mobile environments dealing with space and orientation often using the visitor as a co-actor. His projects often involve advanced technology as a point of departure or inspiration but also to activate the installations. Lawrence Malstaf won several international awards in the field of art and new technology and is also known in the dance and theatre world as an innovative scenographer. In 2008 he wins the Witteveen + Bos - prize for Art + Technology (NL), in 2009 he receives the Golden Nica at Prix Ars Electronica (A) and in 2010 he is the winner of the Excellence Prize at The 13th Japan Media Arts Festival in Tokyo (JP). In 2011 his project ‘Pavilion’ is selected for IBBT Art&D-call (iMinds) and in this context he collaborates closely with the Ghent University Multimedia Lab. More recently he won the Hedda Prize in Norway for best scenography. He currently lives and works in Tromsø (Norway), exhibits internationally and works closely together with Galerie Fortlaan 17 since 2002.

About Per Martinsen

Per Martinsen has since the late eighties released more than ten albums and numerous singles and EPs, composed music for short and feature films, been behind various art projects, wrote a sci-fi novel and played concerts at numerous Norwegian and international stages and festivals. He has also appeared in- and written the script for the short films "Ghost Radio Hunter" (2013) and "Monster" (2014). Martinsen won a Grammy Award for best dance / electronica album in 2015 for "Everything is connected", released under his alias Mental Overdrive., CV: