Light Field

Saffy Setohy and Bill Thompson
in association with Feral

Opening 07.11 5 p.m. Frysa, Arctic Culture Centre.
8 Nov. 15.00-19.00 Hammerfest Library
During DFB: Pop-up in Hammerfest town

Participants from Hammerfest Culture School will open this years DanseFestival Barents by activating "Light Field". Come along to celebrate the opening and find out what the Northern Lights sound like!

An off-grid participatory installation by artists Bill Thompson and Saffy Setohy exploring our relationship to light, sound, and each other. A field of glowing beacons and sound-emitting lanterns await activation in this installation. "Light Field" is made of light, people and the sound of light. During the opening "Light Field" is activated by young people from Hammerfest Culture School who have been working with Saffy for a couple of days to create this exciting opening piece, to be performed outside the Arctic Culture Centre, on our opening day. The following day "Light Field" comes out into town for activation, popping up at various locations, and you are invited to come and participate.

You are invited to both activate and become part of Light Field by interacting with the objects and each other, facilitated by simple, playful choreographic invitations. This is an ideal family activity, as it is suitable for all ages. Come in and out of the installation space in your own time, and notice how Light Field unfolds and changes over time as people come and go.

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Photo: Sid Scott

Light Field’s sound score was created by converting lightwaves found within our natural and built environment – the tonal hums of street lamps and emergency exit signs cut through the pops, crackles and whistles of the Northern Lights. A multi-part sound-score is gently amplified through kinetically powered lanterns.

"I am interested in how relationships between human and non human things can emerge through the body in performance, often working with sound, visual materials and environments. I’m curious about people and place, transformation, and interconnectedness. Through making performance I attempt to listen to, speak of and ask questions about the things we can’t always express in words. I seek to frame or construct relational situations in which open-ended encounters between performance, environment and audience can happen." - Saffy Setohy

Glasgow-based Saffy Setohy works across choreography, performance, participatory work and movement direction in an expanded field. Interdisciplinary collaboration is at the heart of her work. She has made various collaborative installation, outdoor, sited, stage and screen works for rural and urban contexts, commissioned and presented in the UK and internationally. Her current practices are concerned perception, interconnection, sensation and interdependancy. She is interested in how our bodies interact with our environments and with non-human things.

Bill Thompson is a sound artist and composer. As an artist, he has a particular interest in perception and embodied presence. His installations and performances frequently utilize found objects, field recordings, repurposed live electronics, and digital media to create environments that encourage active attention to each moment. He applies this same strategy within his compositional work which often include long sustained tones, densely layered textures, and indeterminate or improvised structures. He has written for a range of instruments including voice, guitar, contrabass, bagpipe, percussion, organ, string quartet, mixed ensembles and live electronics. As a solo performer he works primarily with live electronics although originally trained as a guitarist.