The Dance Dome


Experience The Dance Dome in the foyer at Arctic Culture Centre in Hammerfest on Wednesday 7 - Saturday 10 November.

Welcome to the future and 360° dance-cinema

The Dance Dome is a portable 360° cinema that blurs the boundaries between movement, digital technology and cinema, wrapping dance around the viewer to create a truly unique immersive experience.

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Photo: 4piproductions


LIMINALITY is a fulldome dance film captured in Wales and India. Five main dancers move from industrial landscapes to remote coastal areas in both countries and explore what unites and separates them in this collaboration of cultures and technologies. The piece is a snapshot into the constant cycle of transition and change. A connection to the unrelenting cycle of creation, being harnessed through motion.

Directed by Janire Najera and Matt Wright
Choreography by Kim Noble and Hugh Stanier.
Produced by 4Pi Productions, Coreo Cymru, Danceworx.


THE BEAUTIFUL follows the spiritual journey of a dancer who travels through different chakras until reaching ultimate enlightenment. Choreography by Tanja Råman from Finnish TaikaBox. Produced by 4Pi Productions, Coreo Cymru.

THE SUBLIME features site-specific live captured sequences of parkour and break-dance shot within the natural & urban spaces of Wales. Choreography by Sandra Harnisch-Lacey fra Harnisch-Lacey Dance Theatre. Produced by 4Pi Productions, Coreo Cymru.

PAL O´ ME HEART explores the developing relationship between two young men within the political turmoil of Ireland in 1916, and is based on the book. ´At Swim, Two Boys´ (2001) a novel by the Irish author Jamie O'Neill. Choreography by Earthfall. Produced by 4Pi Productions, Coreo Cymru.

The Dance Dome triology is co-produced with Coreo Cymru and supported by Arts Council of Wales and Chapter. Liminality is a collaboration between 4Pi Productions, Chapter’s dance programme Coreo Cymru and The Danceworx India, and is supported by the British Council and Wales Arts International. The showings at DanseFestival Barents is supported by the Norwegian Film Institute and Wales Arts International. /

4πProductions is an internationally innovative production company that works with 360 ° film. They develop creative projects and platforms for audience engagement and collaborate with like-minded organizations to enhance and expand the potential and reach.

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